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Loco Motive is a LucasArts-inspired point-and-click comedy adventure

Train your detective skills.

Loco Motive, which looks like a cross between Monkey Island and Murder on the Orient Express, has been announced for Nintendo Switch as part of this evening's Indie World presentation.

A comedy adventure game with puzzles, Loco Motive has you playing as three passengers who must prove their innocence after a murder occurs.

The pixel art is reminiscent of LucasArts games, with familiar point-and-click gameplay (though you can also opt for direct control). In a neat touch, the game allows you to ask for hints via an in-game tips phoneline.

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Loco Motive is due for launch on Nintendo Switch sometime next summer, and already has positive reviews from its PC launch on - there, you can name your price for a copy.

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