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Live Section 8 interview today

TimeGate to detail ambitious FPS.

TimeGate Studios producer Robert Siwiak and community manager Drew Rechner will be answering your Section 8 questions live on Eurogamer today from 4pm UK time (BST).

You'll be able to quiz them in real-time via a moderator, and their answers will appear magically before your eyes. We'll start stockpiling questions from 3pm.

Section 8 is an ambitious, futuristic FPS for PC and 360. It sets itself apart by allowing troops to determine where on the battlefield they want to land as they plummet from 15,000 feet. There are no set spawns, in other words, which TimeGate hopes will add an air of unpredictability.

Those troops will also be able to dynamically issue missions mid-battle to their team. It's these mini-missions that, we were told before, open "unprecedented strategic control over the battlefield".

There's plenty of focus on multiplayer, then - but there's also a solo campaign based around the elite 8th Armoured Infantry who are sent to crush the revolting Earth colonies. They're given the Section 8 army nickname because they're a bit bonkers, apparently.

Section 8 opens for beta testing sometime this summer, but when - like so many other aspects of the game - is unknown. There's plenty to ask.

Incidentally, TimeGate developed F.E.A.R. expansion Extraction Point, which was really rather good.

Head over to our Section 8 gamepage for some ammunition.