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Little Nightmares 2's free Enhanced Edition update out today on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S

Adds raytraced reflections, improved fog, more.

Tarsier Studio's deliciously sinister platform horror Little Nightmares 2 is getting a little spookier today on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC, courtesy of a free Enhanced Edition update.

Little Nightmares 2's Enhanced Edition aims to give the already richly atmospheric experience - which follows the adventures of new protagonist Mono and returning character Six through the grim streets of Pale City - an even moodier boost with a range of primarily visual enhancements.

There's ray-traced reflections, for starters, bringing live reflections to Little Nightmare's various shiny surfaces, as well as improved volumetric shadows - which, as publisher Bandai Namco explains in its announcement post, "add even more depth and detail to every object and enhance how rays of light are interrupted by moving objects".

Cover image for YouTube videoLittle Nightmares II - Enhanced Edition Available Now
Little Nightmares II - Enhanced Edition.

Rounding out the visual additions are interactive particles that "dance and swirl realistically through the air as characters move through a scene", but that's not quite the end of it. Little Nightmares 2's Enhanced Edition also includes "immersive audio" for players using 5.1 or 7.1 speakers or headphones, plus 4K support.

Once the update is installed, players can choose between Beauty Mode, delivering 30fps at 4k, or Performance Mode, delivering 60fps with dynamic resolution up to 4K. Bandai Namco notes PC players will be able to adjust these options independently.

The method for actually getting the Enhanced Edition up and running differs wildly depending on your platform of choice (players can pick between the original and updated versions when they launch the game on Steam, for instance, while GOG requires you to enable the relevant Beta channel), but Bandai Namco has provided full instructions on its website.

And if you haven't already delved into Mono and Six's gloomy adventure, it's worth checking out despite its sometimes infuriating moments. As Vikki Blake wrote in her Recommended review, "While my every instinct is to tell you that Little Nightmares 2 is a frustrating encounter that's likely better watched than played, I can't help but admit I love it - fervently and ferociously - even if it was such an unmitigated ballache to play to completion."