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Little Devil Inside mixes Wind Waker with Bloodborne and Mad Max

Funded on Kickstarter for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

Little Devil Inside, a stylish action-adventure game that merges Wind Waker's cartoony character design with Bloodborne's steampunk setting, has achieved its Kickstarter goal.

The water effects are disarmingly convincing compared to the more stylised environments and characters.

Currently tallied at $201,059, Little Devil Inside is described as "an exploration focused survival action RPG" in which you take a job as an assistant to a professor who investigates paranormal activities. It all sounds a bit Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, right down to the premise that places its focus on everyday troubles rather than world-saving expeditions.

"As in real life, where a hard week's work is rewarded by a relaxing or refreshing weekend, we wanted to create a world and provide elements within it where you can return back to town (or your home) after an adventurous mission to regather and reequip - a definite environmental contrast," explained developer Neostream. "Unlike some other survival games, there will be a home town or city to return to and rest and prepare for your next mission. The town itself will have its own set of events and elements to interact with."

As you can see in its pitch trailer, your employer and his butler will even enjoy a relaxing soak in the pool when they're not high-tailing it away from Mad Max-esque marauders in the wasteland.

Cover image for YouTube videoLittle Devil Inside

This more intimate focus will give Little Devil Inside a Monster Hunter-like feel where preparation is half the battle. "You will need to prepare for any unexpected encounters with the weather, have the necessary intel about the region, equip your gear as you see fit, get on a vehicle and react to unexpected events that arise during your journey," the developer stated. "Depending on how you prepare for the mission and how you react and respond to events will determine how easily or hard you can achieve the missions."

Unlike Monster Hunter, you'll have to manually travel to each mission, be it by sea, train or automobile. Events will occur during these journeys, so you may have to man a turret to ward off a giant octopus or your locomotive may be stopped by highway hooligans. You'll have to be prepared for anything.

Little Devil Inside will support co-op where you can bring a friend along or perhaps join up with a stranger. It's all rather ambitious.

The game has been in development for two years now and it's still got a ways to go before its estimated release in autumn 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux (and Wii U if it hits its $270K stretch goal).

In the meantime, you can reserve a copy of it for $21 (about £13.50), though this will go up to $23 (about £15) soon once all the early bird reserves are claimed. You can also pay $31 (about £20) to snag a digital art book and soundtrack, or $42 (about £28) for an Early Access build next summer.

You'll have to hurry though as Little Devil Inside's Kickstarter campaign ends on Monday, 25th May at 11.32pm UK time.

You'll be able to recruit faculty members just as you can Palicos in Monster Hunter.