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PS5 game Little Devil Inside looked marvellous

Hell yes.

Roughly half-way through tonight's PlayStation 5 show, there was a very pleasant surprise. It's called Little Devil Inside and it's a Zelda-y kind of action adventure game about a man in an arthouse-looking wilderness, where there are giant monsters and glowing swords.

It had oodles of style and a relaxing kind of exploratory pace. It wasn't all action, you see, but some rappelling and shuffling along high-up mountain ledges, exploring and generally looking around.

In tandem with the action there was an old fellow on a toilet back home. A bit weird, I know, and quite how the two men are linked, I don't know. Maybe there's a phone in the toilet?

A little bit of looking around showed me Little Devil Inside was Kickstarted years ago but never appeared. It was once scheduled for release in 2016, even on Wii U it was so long ago, but evidently development stretched out. The developers, from South Korea it looks like, didn't drop off the radar but kept updates going, though no one seems to have been prepped for the PlayStation 5 reveal today.

No date or other details were shared tonight but I'll update the story if any come through.

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Little Devil Inside

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