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Lightning Returns: FF13 – Luxerion Canvas of Prayers, monster locations

There are plenty of bonus Canvas of Prayers quests in Lightning Returns. Here's our guide to completing every last one in Luxerion.

After speaking to the Chocobo Girl in Luxerion, you'll gain access to a quest system known as the Canvas of Prayers. While the rewards aren't quite as meaty as those you'll receive from working your way through the main and side quests of the game, they're very handy for their minor stat boosts. You'll notice that many of these quests share the same item requirement, so wherever possible try to keep all the quests you can in the log, and keep killing monsters until you've satisfied all requirements.

Luxerion Canvas of Prayers walkthrough

A Song For God

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Pious Lutist
Items:3 x Demon Spicule
Available:Day 3
Prerequisite:Must have finished 1-3 of the main quest
Rewards:180 Gil, Snowy Spirit Wings, Masquerade Mask, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Once you've progressed far enough in the storyline to access the Forsaken Graveyard, head over there to do battle with the Gaunt enemies. Kill enough of them and you'll loot all the Demon Spicules you need for completing this quest.

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Enchanted Brush

Difficulty:3 Stars
Client:Priest Madya
Items:10 x Demon Spicule | 8 x Stormdragon Down
Available:Day 5
Prerequisite:Must have finished A Song For God and Grave Of A Bounty Hunter
Rewards:1,400 Gil, Lady's Brooch, Strawberry Ice Cream, Max HP +30, Strength +2, Magic +4

You can get both of these items over at the Forsaken Graveyard. The Gaunt drop the Demon Spicule, while you can get the Stormdragon Down from the Zomok.

Gift Of Gratitude

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Toy Maker
Items:8 x Tattered Leather
Available:Day 1
Rewards:120 Gil, Rangda Crest, Leyak Crest, Max HP +10, Magic +1

The enemies you need to fight for these items are spread all around Luxerion. Get this quest in your log, and then just keep an eye out for any Gremlins or Rusted Gate enemies you come across. As soon as you see one, smash it in the face!

Grave Of A Bounty Hunter

Difficulty:2 Stars
Items:1 x Stormdragon Down
Available:Day 1
Rewards:800 Gil, Blue Feather Pin, Gadot's Black Emblem, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

You should have no trouble locating the Forsaken Graveyard by this point, so head back over there and loot the item from Zomok.


Heretic's Beasts

Difficulty:3 Stars
Client:Grand Inquisitor
Items:5 x Quality Machine Oil | 10 x Liquid Glass
Available:Day 5
Prerequisite:Must have finished Puppeteer's Lament and Inventive Seamstress (see below)
Rewards:1,300 Gil, Warning Beacon, Gentleman's Beard, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

Guess where you're headed to finish up this quest? That's right, head over to the Forsaken Graveyard to find the Dreadnoughts who drop the Quality Machine Oil. To loot your second and final set of items, pick a fight with the Meonektons who appear in various locations around Luxerion, but only between the hours of 4am and 6am.

Inventive Seamstress

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Seamstress Nell
Items:3 x Liquid Glass
Available:Day 1
Rewards:200 Gil, Noonblue Butterfly, Max HP +10, Strength +1, Magic +1

You're going to need to hunt down the elusive Meonekton to get your hands on the Liquid Glass. There's no particular place you'll find them in Luxerion, but they only appear between the hours of 4am and 6am.

Mythical Badge

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Wealthy Benefactor
Items:1 x Proof of Legendary Title
Available:Day 3
Rewards:2,000 Gil, Orange Bow Tie, Crest of Pulse, Max HP +10, Strength +1, Magic +1

When you're wandering around Luxerion completing other quests, keep a close eye out for any characters you encounter who have the title of Cleric. You'll have to pay whatever amount of money they request in order to get your hands on the quest item.

You won't get rich off these Canvas of Prayers quests, but they're good for a little stat-boosting.

Night Patrol

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Captain Deliah
Items:15 x Motor Coil | 10 x Chipped Fang
Available:Day 5
Prerequisite:Must have finished Slay The Machine and Revenge Has Teeth
Rewards:1,200 Gil, Replica Pilot's Badge, Training Pilot's Bade, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

The Gorgonopsids you need to kill for their Chipped Fangs can be found in the Dead Dunes and in the eastern sections of Luxerion. If you want to get hold of those Motor Coils, you're going to have to hunt down some Gertrudes, found in The Warren section of the city, but only between midnight and 4am.

Puppeteer's Lament

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Puppeteer Urma
Items:1 x Quality Machine Oil
Available:Day 5
Rewards:700 Gil, Blue Propellor, Shooting Star, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

To get your hands on a Quality Machine Oil, seek out the Dreadnought enemy type which is found in the northern part of the city's Forsaken Graveyard.

Revenge Has Teeth

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Sellsword Ramdall
Items:10 x Chipped Fang
Available:Day 5
Rewards:500 Gil, Guardian Corps Badge, Max HP +20, Strength +2

Head to the Dead Dunes or explore the eastern side of Luxerion to find the Gorgonopsid enemies who drop the Chipped Fangs you need.

Revenge Is Sweet

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:A Nameless Woman
Items:6 x Niblet Hairball
Available:Day 1
Rewards:80 Gil, Cute Heart, Max HP +10, Strength +1

One of the easiest quests you can hope to complete in Lightning Returns, you should already have more than enough Hairballs in your inventory by the time you've reached the city. Take the quest, hand it in. Good times.

Slay The Machine

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Warren Merchant
Items:5 x Motor Oil
Available:Day 3
Rewards:150 Gil, Celebrity's Charm, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Head to The Warren section of Luxerion between the hours of midnight and 4am to find the Gertrude enemies who drop Motor Oil.


Difficulty:3 Stars
Items:60 x Niblet Hairball | 80 x Tattered Leather
Prerequisite:Must have finished Gift Of Gratitude
Rewards:1,800 Gil, Tinkling Bell, Crystal Feather, Ether, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +5

This quest is going to take you a little while, so our advice is to get it in your quest log as early as possible, and simply kill the enemies you need as and when you spot them. You're looking for Niblets and Gremlins as you go about your business.

Looking for a different Canvas of Prayers walkthrough? Take a look at the first page of our guide.

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