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Life after Kingdom Hearts

Nomura talks about new series.

Tetsuya Nomura insists his next game won't be Kingdom Hearts III, but a whole new series.

However, the new title is expected to share similarities with the outrageously popular JRPG-meets-Disney series, though the decorated producer was shy on exactly how it would.

"First, it's not Kingdom Hearts III," Nomura told Dengeki PlayStation. "Of course, because we're calling it a 'new' series, it won't be KHIII. Also, it's a series, so it probably won't be just one title."

His comments follow news from late last year that saw him warn gamers to expect announcements on multiple Kingdom Hearts-related products in 2007. While there's still no word on exactly what this new series will be, it looks certain to be the next-generation offering we were after.

Square Enix is expected to make a full announcement sometime this year, and was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, you can have an eyeball of what we thought when we reviewed Kingdom Hearts II. It's out now in Europe.