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Let's Play Worms Clan Wars

Opening up a fresh can.

So many Worms! It always astounds me how many instalments of the strategy series Team 17 manages to pump out - I counted 15 of them when looking up how many there have been since 1995 - but I guess it means there's still an audience for them somewhere.

It's a solid formula, too, so if any series can take such heavy iteration then this is surely it. Clan Wars, this year's model, has been built with the PC in mind, and introduces a new clan element - the clue's in the title! - that helps bolster a more substantial single-player offering. Oh, and it's still possible to blow the bejesus out of friends, of course.

Curious? Ian Higton's got you covered in an extensive Let's Play that takes in some tips and guidance from members of Team 17's Worms team. Worms Clan Wars is out on August 15, don't you know.

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