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Less combat in The Pitt than Anchorage

Bethesda talks up DLC, still at 800 MSP.

Bethesda Softworks' Pete Hines has said that next month's second instalment of Fallout 3 downloadable content will be less combat-focused than the divisive Operation: Anchorage.

"It is much more in line with some of the other stuff in Fallout," Hines told MTV Multiplayer.

"Clearly that's a big concern," he later added. "We tried to be clear with everybody that, hey, this first one Anchorage is going to be more combat, more straight ahead stuff. Whereas The Pitt is going to go back to more of the Fallout-type gameplay where you can make choices."

Hines also said that The Pitt would cost 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) when it becomes available through the Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live Marketplaces.

The Pitt takes players to a post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh where they have to decide how to deal with the division between slaves and their masters. Earlier this month we were told to expect a dungeon, actual conversations with Raiders, side quests and unique items (including the "AutoAxe") with associated perks.

"There are these two factions. There's a story: the slavers vs. the slaves. And you have to figure out who you want to believe and who you want to help," Hines elaborated.

"Clearly, there's combat involved, but there are multiple ways to go about doing things. You have to decide ultimately what you think is right, because there is no real right or wrong."

The Pitt is due out for Xbox 360 and PC in March, and will be followed by the third downloadable pack, Broken Steel, a month later. Last month, Bethesda released Operation: Anchorage, in which players worked through a simulator to take down Chinese forces invading Alaska in the series' deep and distant past.