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Fallout 3 add-ons bundled for retail

Anchorage/The Pitt first, confirms source.

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A source close to Bethesda has told Eurogamer that Fallout 3 add-ons Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt will be bundled together and sold at retail.

Our top secret source couldn't confirm a date or price for the PC and 360 packs, but Amazon reckons 29th May for GBP 14.99.

Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt are both already available to download for 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) each, which makes the retail package a little pricier. But then there's packaging to think of, and the pretty picture on the front and what about the manual labour.

Operation: Anchorage takes players through a military simulation program that occurs before the nuclear apocalypse that dominates Fallout 3. A bit naff, thought we.

The Pitt, on the other hand, opens Pittsburgh for exploration and has players making tricky allegiance decisions as they choose who to fight for. This we liked.

Incidentally, our source didn't say whether Broken Steel - the third lump of DLC - would be offered at retail. We can't imagine it won't.

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