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Lego's latest Super Mario set is Dry Bowser Castle and it's out in August

Plus, Donkey Kong arrives this summer.

In honour of international Mario Day (bafflingly still not officially a public holiday), Lego and Nintendo have announced a fresh collection of Super-Mario-themed sets, including a new take on Bowser Castle and a tease that Donkey Kong is on the way.

Lego's Super Mario line launched back in 2020, and has so far seen the release of over 60 interactive, connectable sets - although a number of more complex sets, including Mighty Bowser, have been released outside the Lego Super Mario branding.

For its Mario Day reveal, though, Lego has returned to its Super Mario line, revealing the Dry Bowser Castle Battle set - not to be confused with the already released Bowser's Castle Boss Battle expansion, in case you were sure you'd seen similar before.

Lego Super Mario new sets reveal video.Watch on YouTube

This latest take on Bowser's Castle features two turrets flanking a central tower, complete with giant stone Bowser head. It's all situated in a bed of lava, with accompanying Magmaargh, and once past a secret entrance, players (and Mario) will find a Dry Goomba and Dry Piranha Plant on the battlements, alongside a Dry Bowser and a purple Toad at the rear. There's even a gym!

The Lego Super Mario Dry Bowser Castle Battle set releases on 1st August, but a price is yet to be revealed. And as for Lego Donkey Kong, there's not a lot to report right now, other than that he'll be joining the Lego Super Mario series some time this summer.

Lego Super Mario's version of Donkey Kong arrives this summer.

Elsewhere in the world of Lego and Nintendo, reports persist that an official Legend of Zelda set is currently in the works - all but confirmed after the companies began slapping rumour videos with copyright strikes. Hopefully we'll hear more about that soon.