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Lego Harry Potter Collection leaked for PS4

Brazilian ratings board reveals Harry's Hogwarts hijinks all in one place.

Harry Potter's Hogwarts adventures have been adapted into Lego games twice before and if a Brazilian ratings board listing is any indication, we could get a single anthology encapsulating Harry and the gang's academic career.

As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle and Gematsu, the Lego Harry Potter Collection was briefly listed as a PS4 title on the Brazilian ratings boards before being removed. Twitter user Felipe Mesquita managed to snag a screencap before that happened.

Both titles were very well-received in their day. Regular reviewer Dan Whitehead bestowed Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 with a stellar 9/10 back in 2010, when we rated games with numbers.

"In the past I've always been cautious with my praise for the Lego titles, because as fun and as charming as they were, I always felt they could be something more: that there was some as-yet unreached plateau where the great ideas would coalesce into something truly special. With Lego Harry Potter, they've reached that level," he said of Harry's first Lego outing.

Eurogamer contributor Simon Parkin likewise praised its sequel the following year. "There is an intricacy of design here as impressive as any of the miniature towns on view at Legoland," he said in his glowing review of Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7.