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Left 4 Dead patch coming later this week

It'll fix a "whole class of bugs", says Valve.

Valve's Chet Faliszek has said a meaty Left 4 Dead patch to fix a "whole class of bugs" should arrive this week.

Specifics are scarce, but we do know PC and Xbox 360 will be updated independently, according to a post on the Steam forums (spotted by CS-Nation).

Those swatting zombies on PC have been waiting for a patch for a while. Faliszek explains that the delay is down to Valve preferring to lump lots of changes together rather than drip-feed updates.

He also clarifies that the hold-up has nothing to do with Microsoft and the timing of an Xbox 360 patch, as forum posters seem to suggest. Silly old forum posters. Nobody listens to them.

Left 4 Dead is a co-operative shooter revolving around survivors fending off hordes of Infected zombie-like baddies, which can be controlled by the computer or by human people with hands.

We liked the game to the tune of 9/10, and even organised a Eurogamer readers versus Valve multiplayer event last Friday. Recalling his performance, editor Tom Bramwell told us how he set his Valve team on fire with molotov cocktails and forced his team to crouch to prevent him shooting them in the back by accident. He seemed quite pleased with himself.

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Left 4 Dead

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