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Leaked image shows an Xbox accessibility pad with two giant buttons

It looks a bit like a panda.

A leaked image image of what is reportedly a new accessibility controller for Xbox has appeared.

The image shows a white, flat, rectangular pad shaped a bit like a NES controller (quite an old reference now isn't it?), with two huge circular pads for buttons A and B. Presumably these are programmable, and it looks like you'll be able to switch between stored configurations for them by pressing the small white button by the three-light display above the d-pad.

Elsewhere, across the top of the pad, are a string of icons denoting ports behind them for linking up to other equipment to create bespoke controller builds. If you haven't seen a bespoke set-up before, check out the amazing work charity Special Effect does modifying controls to enable disabled people to play games.

The Xbox accessibility pad.
Which looks a bit like a panda.
Or a Steam Controller.
Or a DJ Hero controller? I'm reaching now.

Twitter user WalkingCat originally posted the image, and it was used in a report by Windows Central which said it had heard the controller was designed around accessibility needs.

A likely time and place for the controller's reveal will be at annual gaming bonanza E3 in Los Angeles next month. We may also hear more about the new and improved Xbox Elite controller too.

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