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EuroGamer opens!

The latest site for gaming news, previews, reviews and features is live!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

This website,, has now launched! Featuring the latest in previews, reviews, interviews, articles and discussion.

The team behind EuroGamer includes:

John "Gestalt" Bye - ex webmaster of PlanetQuake and journalist for PC Gaming World, who will be bringing his wealth of gaming experience to the site, along with a resurrected version of his popular "Mailbag". Patrick "Ghandi" Stokes - ex Warzone reporter, designer and columnist, and, Rupert "rauper" Loman - organiser of the EuroQuake event. Also part of the team behind the upcoming European Professional Gaming Leagues.

The site kicks off with coverage of the ECTS event, and will cover all major gaming events in Europe including the upcoming UKPCGC finals in London.

Please send any feedback to - you may even be included in our fortnightly mailbag!

We hope you enjoy the site and come back regularly.

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