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LACC hopes swine flu will be over by E3

Attendees to wash hands, cover mouths.

The LA Convention Center Administration Department has told Eurogamer that E3 attendees will be urged to wash their hands and cover their mouths while coughing - but that's as stringent as swine flu protection will get. It also hopes the threat of disease will be "a thing of the past" by the time the show takes place next month.

"The swine flu has not yet affected this part of Los Angeles County (Downtown LA) and we do not expect the outbreak to spread any further than it has already," the LACC told us. "The swine flu has in fact declined over the last few days in Los Angeles County.

"As a precaution, guests are urged to wash their hands regularly and cover their mouths when coughing.

"We hope that by the time E3 is in the building, swine flu will be a thing of the past and no longer a threat to the health of Los Angeles and the rest of the country and world," the LACC added.

E3 takes place from 2nd to 4th June and hopes to attract 40,000 attendees. Los Angeles is situated fairly close to the Mexican border, where swine flu is reported to have spread from.

As of 6am this morning, the World Health Organization says 23 countries have officially reported 2099 cases of influenza A H1N1, which is more commonly known as swine flu.

But despite the rising unrest as more cases are reported in the UK, the local industry seems unperturbed about attending a large event so close to the origins of the outbreak.

"No, none of my members have expressed concern about swine flu to date," Richard Wilson, boss of national developer association TIGA, told Eurogamer.

"Governments are monitoring the situation closely. Industries in all sectors of the economy will be influenced by the advice from the civil authorities about holding large events. At the moment, unless the civil authorities advise otherwise, I assume that events like these will continue."

E3 organiser the ESA was equally dismissive of the airborne disease, and said the show was "progressing as planned".

That's good news, as we'll be jetting off to LA to cover E3 from every angle. Booth babes are even allowed this year, as the event attempts to return to former, er, glories.