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Konami's A Shadow's Tale for autumn

Wii game known as Lost in Shadow.

Konami's eye-catching Wii game A Shadow's Tale will be released this autumn in Europe.

This is the game revealed as Lost in Shadow at Konami's gamescom press conference in September 2009.

A Shadow's Tale involves moving a shadow through platform levels, trying to stay neither too long in the light nor in the dark. There are puzzles and obstacles blocking your way, and they'll require consideration, particularly of where the level's light source is shining from and how it can be altered.

Helping you along the way will be a winged sylph called Spangle that can tinker with physical items and alter their shadow, adding a further puzzle element to the mix.

Visuals are warm with golden hues and pastel shades, and there's a fresh batch of A Shadow's Tales screenshots to prove it.