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Kojima to give Death Stranding talk at EGX Berlin

And he's staying to meet fans, too.

Hideo Kojima is coming to EGX Berlin on Sunday for a conversation about his much-anticipated Death Stranding, which releases on PS4 next week. He's going to be meeting fans while he's there, too.

EGX Berlin is created by Gamer Network, owner of Eurogamer, and is the first international sibling of the well-regarded EGX show in London.

Kojima will be chatting (in English) with Golden Globe-winning director Fatih Akin about the intersection of games and film, something Kojima spends a lot of time thinking about as evidenced by Death Stranding starring Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen and Conan O'Brien. 

Kojima is on stage from 3PM Berlin time, which is 2PM in the UK. You can attend in person (tickets are on sale here) or watch on Twitch, where it will be streamed on the EGX Berlin channel. It's also going to be on the Facebook page of Playstation Germany.

Watch on YouTube

This will be Kojima's first stage appearance following the arrival of the Death Stranding reviews on Friday, which will doubtless give him much to talk about. Eurogamer's review will be live from 7am - embargo forbids us from further comment, although we will recommend that you don't watch the latest trailer if you want to go in pure. 

He'll be staying on for another hour after the stage presentation to meet fans and pose for those all-important selfies. A small prize for anybody who does this dressed as Farewell Sausage. 

Full details and tickets are available on the EGX Berlin website

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