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Koei dates Wii Jockey

Whip horse with controller.

Koei has just galloped into view with new information about upcoming Wii horse adventure, G1 Jockey.

It'll be out on 29th June, and lets horse-racing fanatics delve into whole new level of immersion. Hopefully not like on "Animal Passions".

You see, your Wiimote hand will clutch a menacing whip that you'll use to gain those extra vital yards, whilst your nunchuk hand will take the reins, guiding your gee-gee around the gambling arena.

The challenge is to tackle the career mode and rise from rookie to horse-racing legend, brutally flogging your horse to meet those winning credentials. And, once you feel the need to retire from the hustle and bustle of the saddle, you can set about creating your own stable of thoroughbreds, hand raising a throng of mares to give silly names to, like "Saddleflaps" or "Bertie".

All of this is what Koei reckons will set its four-legged racer apart from the, er, crowd.

"We're hoping that this game will make all horse racing games before it look like a right load of old pony and have gamers trotting down to their local store to back a genuine winner and be first past the post with the greatest horse racing game ever," said Will Curley, KOEI Sales Manager.

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