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Knights of Pen & Paper dev's new Power Rangersy game

Asking a modest amount on Kickstarter.

Knights of Pen & Paper dev Behold is back and on Kickstarter, raising modest funds for new game Chroma Squad.

It's another turn-based tactical RPG that looks very SNES-retro, although this time there's an isometric grid and this time there's multiplayer. This time it's also dressed up as a wacky Power Rangers-style sentai studio management game.

It's a bit confusing, a game within a game, and the lines will at some point become blurred and your stuntmen end up saving the world.

But then Knights of Pen & Paper had a similar kind of idea: a tabletop D&D premise where the characters playing the game were the characters in the game and they ended up saving the world. We loved its quirky charms, our Rich Stanton concluding that "it's one of those rare cases where an offbeat premise is executed with such winning aplomb you can't help but get sucked in".

Behold is asking for $55,000 for Chroma Squad and is nearly $20,000 of the way there after a couple of days.

The game is two months old and in alpha stage already. It's due out on PC (Windows, Linux) and Mac by the end of the year - with backers offered early access from October - and iOS/Android versions will follow. An Ouya and PSN release are possible as well, apparently.