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Knights of Pen & Paper coming to PC and Mac in a new-content-bearing +1 Edition

New dungeons, bosses, The Tavern and more.

Everyone rejoice! Fiendishly compelling touch-screen RPG Knights of Pen & Paper is coming to PC and Mac.

Everyone rejoice again! The game has been expanded for the occasion and has become Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition.

Everyone rejoice again again! The +1 Edition content will be offered to owners of the touch-screen iOS and Android versions of the game.

+1 Edition adds new dungeons stuffed with monsters, traps - traps?! - and bosses. Judging by the screenshots there's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle and a showdown with an icy-looking Viking wielding two axes.

There's a new tavern - The Tavern - where you can store heroes and switch party members, and there are more options at your disposal during battle. Details are scarce about that last bit.

Plus, "Even more unannounced content and improvements!"

Knights of Pen & Paper is a finalist in the Independent Games Festival, the winner of which will be announced at GDC this week! It caught our eye so we reviewed it, and kissed its pixelated retro-styled face with a 9/10.

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Knights of Pen & Paper

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