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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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King of Dragon Pass heading to Android soon

UPDATE: Vita and Windows Phone versions "possible".

UPDATE 4PM GMT: Game creator David Dunham has been in touch with a correction to a tweet he put out earlier. "King of Dragon Pass is just for Android at the start," he clarified, "other platforms possible." Those other platforms are Vita and Windows Phone.

ORIGINAL STORY 2PM GMT: Fantasy strategy game King of Dragon Pass is being ported to Android, Vita and Windows Phone. It's currently available on PC and iOS.

Russian developer Herocraft will handle the conversions, with a projected release in Q2, which we're in, wrote the King of Dragon Pass Twitter account.

King of Dragon Pass mixes fantasy, strategy and Choose Your Own Adventure-style dilemmas to spin a story of a tribe fighting for survival and expansion - the ultimate goal being uniting the land as king. It's odd, unpredictable and has a wonky moral compass, all of which lend it a beguiling charm.

It's also difficult and deep - the result of originally being a considerable late-'90s PC game which ultimately struggled to make its mark. But the App Store gave it a second chance - and it didn't miss.

I dug up the story of King of Dragon Pass this time last year, talking to creator David Dunham. Rich Stanton selected the game for our App of the Day selection a few months earlier.

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