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Killzone 3 spin-off for PlayStation Home

Sony details Central Plaza Defender.

PlayStation 3's Home service is getting a Killzone 3-themed makeover to tie-in with the impending release of Guerilla Games' shooter.

According to the PlayStation Blog, on 27th January the Central Plaza will be transformed into the final ISA stronghold against the invading Helghast forces. Duly, you'll need to send them packing.

"Central Plaza Defender is a first-person shooter that pits you against wave after wave of Helghast forces," explained Sony's Alex Weekes.

"Fire at the approaching enemy forces to shoot down Helghast air units, infantry units and dropships. Alternatively, assist gunners by collecting and delivering ammunition and first aid."

If you successfully complete all three levels on offer you'll bag three Unlock Points which you can redeem against weapons and abilities in Killzone 3's multiplayer modes. On top of all that, Sony is promising special challenges with PlayStation Home rewards up for grabs.

To get involved, visit the ISA dropship parked up in Home Square and you'll be dumped in the Central Plaza.

The full Killzone 3 experience is due to arrive on PlayStation 3 on 25th February, with an open beta kicking off on 3rd February through the PlayStation Store.