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Kane & Lynch dated

Plus Lara and Agent 47 chatter.

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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men will be released on 23rd November in Europe following a 20th November launch across the pond.

That's the word in Eidos' mother-company SCi's latest financial results, which also state that Tomb Raider: Anniversary for Wii and Xbox 360 is now down for a "pre-Christmas launch".

The publisher also reiterated that sequels to Just Cause and Battlestations: Midway are in development, and to no one's surprise confirmed that Tomb Raider and Hitman sequels are also planned.

And, for those of you with a thing for DS title Pony Friends, it'll be clopping its hooves all over the Wii at some point in the future - as part of a line-up of DS and Wii titles for calendar-2008 that's 20 games strong.

Watch out for more on Eidos' upcoming games in the coming days!

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