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Kane & Lynch 2 demo available to all

Plus, PC version to use Steamworks.

Square Enix has made the demo of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days available to all players, and announced that the PC version of the game will ship with Valve's Steamworks features.

The demo initially appeared as a limited release on Xbox 360 only, but is now freely available for 360, PS3 and PC owners from PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.

You can also pre-order the game on Steam with a 10 per cent discount - but Square Enix's agreement with Valve goes beyond just selling the gritty shooter on its digital distribution platform.

All PC versions of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will ship with Steamworks support, which in layman's terms means auto-updating, matchmaking, steam achievements, stats and leaderboards.

Dog Days portrays the pair of crims trying to escape the Shanghai underworld after a job gone wrong. Check Eurogamer at 2pm this afternoon to read a full hands-on report.