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June is a solid if unspectacular month for Xbox Games with Gold

Portal saves it.

Microsoft has announced the Xbox Games with Gold titles for June, and it's a solid if unspectacular month.

The headliner, for me, is the evergreen first-person puzzle game Portal, which is free for Xbox Live Gold members starting 1st June and ending 15th June. Xbox One owners can play this Xbox 360 classic via the magic of backwards compatibility.

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Elsewhere, it's nice to see one of EA's recent sports games pop up in Xbox Games with Gold, even if it is NHL 19. This Xbox One title is available free 1st June to 30th June.

Then you've got brawler Rivals of Aether, available 16th June to 15th July on Xbox One. And finally, Earth Defense Force 2017, which is available for Xbox 360 owners from 16th June to 30th June, and is playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Portal's the star of the show, though. The video below, from Chris Bratt (who?), tells its story.

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