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John Romero's unofficial Doom episode Sigil is getting a sequel for Doom 2

And more Quake will "most likely" be after that.

John Romero still isn't done with Doom; the legendary designer has confirmed he's currently working on a follow-up to his "unofficial" Doom episode, Sigil.

Announced to coincide with Doom's 25th anniversary in 2018 and released as a free megawad the following year, Sigil was designed as the unofficial fifth episode in the original Doom saga - picking up after Ultimate Doom's Thy Flesh Consumed - and treated fans to 18 brand-new, Romero-designed levels: nine single-player and nine death match.

Two years on from its release, Sigil was looking increasingly like a one-off experiment for Romero, but now - in a new video interview with Bridgeburner, lead developer on Doom total conversion The Age of Hell (skip to the 42-minute mark) - the designer has confirmed he's currently working on a sequel, this time utilising Doom 2.

Sigil - Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Romero says Sigil 2 will feature "a lot of levels" (one work-in-progress map is described as "so fun" and "really cool") and will be "kind of like a Doom 2 version of what you felt in [the previous game]". And while Romero "can't put a date on" Sigil 2's release just yet, he adds, "I think that it'll be worth it when it comes... I want to make sure [the maps] have a really good consistency and progression and are just really challenging [and] fun to play".

That's not the only exciting news for Romero fans either; once Sigil 2 is complete, the designer says he'll be turning his attention to another classic id Software property, with new maps for Doom's seminal follow-up Quake "most likely going to be the next thing".

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