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Joe Danger 2 release date confirmed

Here comes trouble.

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Yesterday I bought you news that Joe Danger 2 would be coming out in September, and today I can confirm the exact date that Hello Danger's sequel will land. Tomorrow I'll likely be able to tell you the exact hour that it lands on Xbox Live Arcade.

September 14's the date that's been chosen for Joe's return in a game that promises a little more variety than the previous outing, and one that sees Hello's cheery mascot bowing out (although there is also an iOS version that's also due shortly).

September 14, for the calendar conscious, is actually next week, and rather peculiarly Joe Danger 2 is releasing on a Friday. There'll hopefully be a full EG review up next week in the run-up to release, and in the mean-time you can re-acquaint yourself with the stuntman's charms by picking up the original Joe Danger on XBLA, which has been discounted to 600 MS Points. If you want to get yourself in even more of froth, you can always read my preview from last month too.

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