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Joe Danger 2 PS3 release date confirmed

Plus! The 10 hours of extra content is detailed.

Joe Danger 2's PS3 release date has been firmed up, with Hello Games' stunt-me-do arriving on Tuesday October 9th in the US and October 10th in Europe. That's next week!

The PS3 version will also include 10 hours of fresh content, which Hello Games' Sean Murray has detailed for the first time.

"This is also going to have what we call "Joe Danger Gaiden" as a bonus for PS3 players," said Murray. "It's actually a throwback to when we made the original Joe Danger, as four guys sat in a room playing our own game, we fell into that classic trap of playing our own game too much.

"Our first prototype was this very tight, very challenging game that took about 10 hours to complete. No tutorials, no handholding, just fun arcade gameplay. Our friends loved it, but only the most skilled players could master it. Actually, if I remember right, none of us were able to complete it.

"At the time we just had to go back to the drawing board, we wanted Joe Danger to be more accessible and easier to get into. It's sad that no one but us got to experience this "Gaiden" version. When we came to make Joe Danger 2 for PS3, I thought it would be a great opportunity to let our original fans play that unseen game."

The new content adds some ten hours of play to the original, and is set exclusively in Joe Danger 2's motion capture lab, and it comes alongside a handful of other new features such as full YouTube support and enhanced level editing.

All that's on top of the original game. "It's perhaps fitting that a game so steeped in corny carnival appeal should come to define the old showbiz adage about always leaving the audience wanting more," wrote Dan in his review. "For fans of the first game hungry for more of the same served with a twist, Joe Danger 2 is an easy recommendation."

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Joe Danger 2: The Movie

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