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Jetpacks for Warhawk next week

Operation Fallen Star expansion revealed.

Sony has told Eurogamer that Warhawk expansion Operation Fallen Star will be released on 28th August.

The third game add-on will add infantry jetpacks and centre around the Tau Crater, where a Chernovan warship crashed a very long time ago. Chernovans, then, are eager to salvage the wreckage, whereas rival faction the Eucadians want to steal it for themselves.

That setting will offer ten new battlefields for you and your friends to fight over.

There's no price for Fallen Star, but we expect the expansion to sell for GBP 3.99, which is the same as both Operation Omega Dawn and Operation Broken Mirror went for. Incidentally, both of those can be picked up for the combo cost of GBP 4.99.

Operation Fallen Star is yet to be dated, but we will let you know when we hear something.

Warhawk fans can also look forward to the new 1.5 patch on 27th August, introducing Trophies and a host of other improvements.