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Jeff Minter's reimagining of '80s arcade prototype Akka Arrh out this month

On PC and consoles.

Legendary game designer Jeff Minter's psychedelic reimagining of Atari's '80s arcade prototype Akka Arrh comes to PC and consoles on 21st February.

The original Akka Arrh was created by Atari's Mike Hally and Dave Ralston in 1982, but the unfinished prototype never went into full production and only three cabinets are still said to exist. More recently, however, the prototype did get an airing in last year's superb Atari 50: Anniversary Celebration collection.

Minter's reimagining of Akka Arrh will take the core of the original and build it out into "a cascade of words, colour, shapes and sound [flowing] around your turret as you desperately fight off swarms of inbound attackers".

Cover image for YouTube videoAnnouncing Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh
Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh - Announcement Trailer.

"Combos, high scores, and survival are the only goals here," Atari explained when Minter's Akka Arrh was initially revealed last month. "Create massive chains of enemy explosions and rack up ammo for precision shots to keep a combo and your rings (or life force) protected. Lose them all, and it’s game over."

Akka Arrh will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, Switch, and Atari's VCS re-release when it launches on 21st February.