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James Pond will return in A Kickstarter Campaign

UPDATE: Kickstarter is live - and asks for £100,000

UPDATE: The James Pond Kickstarter is live - and asks for £100,000.

“Our £100,000 initial funding goal is pretty modest given our ambition for the game, but it's designed that way to try and make sure a Pond game does get made,” reads UK company Gameware's pitch.

As revealed last week, Chris Sorrell, who came up with the idea for James Pond when he was just 18, is helping out. He's in on the campaign and is producing a high end concept document for the game, but his full involvement is a flex goal - that is, he will sign on good and proper if an additional £30,000 is raised.

“After approaching a number of publishers to become involved in making a new Pond game we found none were willing to part with sufficient money to make a new game unless they also owned the IP,” Gameware said.

“We think they've missed a great opportunity and so we have turned to the fans to make this project happen! It also means we can gauge how many people want to see a new Pond game before just going ahead and making one.”

As for platforms, it's PC only for now. PlayStation and Xbox and others are additional flex goals. November 2014 is the target for release.

ORIGINAL STORY: Early 90s platform series James Pond is slated to return if a Kickstarter campaign for a new title is successful.

According to the series' Facebook page, James Pond creator Chris Sorrell intends to launch a Kickstarter campaign on 20th September to bring back the underwater agent.

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The series was somewhat popular in the early 90s where it was succeeded by two sequels, James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod and James Pond 3: Operation Starfish. Codename Robocod was the most popular of the bunch and was ported to nearly every console under the sun including the Game Gear, SNES, Mega Drive, GBA, PS2, and DS. There was also a poorly reviewed iOS James Pond game that came out in 2011 called James Pond in the Deathly Shallows.

Do people still remember or care about James Pond after all these years? I guess we'll know soon when the Kickstarter campaign launches.