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Jagged Alliance 3 announced for 2011

Turn-based RPG series changes hands.

Acclaimed turn-based role-playing series Jagged Alliance is to return after more than 10 years.

Independent German publisher bitComposer has acquired full IP rights and plans to release a third game sometime in 2011. There are no other details to be had.

Previous licence owner Strategy First took control after Jagged Alliance 2 was released in 1999, but only managed to put out an expansion pack and a DS port.

Jagged Alliance 3D and Jagged Alliance 3 were both eventually canned.

Jagged Alliance is set in the near future and puts you in charge of a group of mercenaries.

The Gold Edition of Jagged Alliance 2 can be downloaded from Get Games for £12.99. Good old Games has JA1 and JA2 for $9.99 apiece. The expansions cost $5.99.