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Jagex reopening RuneScape Classic today

Contains before and after pictures.

The original RuneScape Classic will be reopened today to celebrate 10 years of the incredibly successful browser MMO.

You'll need to log in between today and next Thursday, 29th September in order to gain access.

RuneScape creator Jagex wants you to see, first hand, how far the game has come in 10 years.

As a history lesson reward, explorers of RuneScape Classic can collect the Classic Cape and Classic Hood. These will only be available in RuneScape Classic and so, very soon, will no longer be obtainable.

"The past 10 years have seen RuneScape grow and develop at a phenomenal rate and today's game is testament to the continued content, graphical and technological updates," commented Daniel Clough, VP of RuneScape.

"Taking a trip back to Classic is gives our longest standing players a chance to reminisce and newer players a chance to see where their game has come from.

"10 years after RuneScape Classic opened its gates to adventurers, it seems a fitting time to close them to new players, as we look forward to RuneScape's second decade and to what promises to be a very exciting future for the game."

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