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Jackal Hunt goes live

Far Cry 2 turn-based web-game.

UPDATE 10th October: As you may already have spotted, Jackal Hunt has gone live and you can access it at www.jackalhunt.com. Check it out and you can win some great prizes as detailed below!

ORIGINAL STORY: Ubisoft and Eurogamer are happy and half-buried in sand to announce that Jackal Hunt, a special Far Cry 2 web-game, is set to launch tomorrow, 9th October.

Presented in association with our good selves, Jackal Hunt is a turn-based multiplayer game and competition in which players have to try and track down a specific player and bump him off before another, unidentified player takes them out instead.

The game will show you the location of your target, but not the person tracking you. Eek! However, you do get to see the person tracking them, allowing you to try and triangulate to some extent. The idea is to set as high a score as possible by killing enemies, collecting pickups and surviving for as long as possible.

If you're good enough to rise to the rank of Jackal and put a score on a leaderboard, you could win one of four gaming PCs, ten XFX graphics cards, a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360, a Philips amBX ambient gaming peripheral system, or loads of Far Cry 2 merchandise.

Check out our Jackal Hunt screenshot gallery to try and figure it out in advance.

You can also check out our Far Cry 2 gamepages (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC) for the latest previews and videos, and look out for our review of the game soon - ahead of its 24th October release on all three formats.

Then check back here tomorrow and we'll direct you to Jackal Hunt.

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