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Iwata talks DS tools for 08

Plus, Wii gift-giving dated.

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Nintendo is planning to roll out a range of DS features that will transform everyone's favourite dual-screen handheld into more of a "tool", according to president Satoru Iwata.

Speaking in a strategy presentation reported by the Wall Street Journal (via GameSpot), Iwata was circumspect about details but said the new functionality will be useful in places like stations, amusement parks and museums.

We can expect to see some of that happen in 2008, he said.

Fortunately Wii owners won't have to wait quite that long for the gift-giving channel mentioned during Iwata's most recent denial of a price-cut, which, er, may even have been at this same event. It's not entirely clear. WSJ reports that it will launch worldwide in December - something that didn't get reported originally.

Elsewhere, GameSpot highlights a Famitsu report that a Japanese interactive TV guide channel is also planned for Wii and should arrive in spring 2008. Whether they'll get one in the land of the free or we'll get one for the land of the throwing up outside the chippy is unclear.

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