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It looks like Dragon's Crown Pro is coming to PS4

Sony confirms at TGS.

UPDATE 19/9/17: Sony has confirmed Dragon's Crown Pro will be released for PlayStation 4 on 25th January 2018.

During it's Tokyo Game Show 2017 press conference, which Eurogamer attended, Sony revealed the title will support 4K and cross-play with PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

You can check out the new trailer below:

Cover image for YouTube video

ORIGINAL 15/9/17: It seems Atlus may have blown one of its big announcements for The Tokyo Game Show.

First reported by Hachima, a banner on the developer's NicoNico live stream page was spotted advertising pre-orders for a limited edition version of Dragon's Crown Pro on PlayStation 4.

Image Credit Hachima

The banner shows an image of the game's elf and, according to Kotaku, reads "PS4 Dragon's Crown Pro" and "Pre-Orders For Limited Edition Version Begin!"

Though the 2D Fantasy RPG has not been advertised elsewhere, Atlus is expected to make an announcement at The Tokyo Game Show - and this could be it.

Dragon's Crown is a hack and slash game originally released on the PS3 and Vita. It was pulled from the PlayStation Store in Europe, with Atlus claiming it would return "soon". However, it never did.

In his Dragon's Crown review, Eurogamer's Martin Robininson called it "a brawler as archaic as the fantasies it draws upon".

The Tokyo Game Show runs from the 21st to 24th September. We'll be there reporting live.