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iPlayer now works on Xbox Series S/X

Patch of the day.

Hurrah, iPlayer now works on Xbox Series S and X. Previously, the app was downloadable but unusable. Now, it works.

I single handedly tested this on my Xbox Series S mere moments ago, and can confirm, without a shadow of a doubt, it works. I can now watch a rerun of Sunday's episode of His Dark Materials if I like, or perhaps I can try the John le Carré adaptation, The Night Manager, which has been repromoted to mark his sad passing a few days ago. It's got a great cast.

Can you tell I am playing for time? I'm sorry. I would normally have padded this section out with a screenshot of iPlayer on Xbox Series S, but the system wouldn't let me take one!

Over on PlayStation 5, meanwhile, the iPlayer app remains missing in action. Again, I have tested this with my own, loving hands.

The iPlayer has a bit of a history with missing console launches, for some reason, taking ages to turn up on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget Sunday's episode of His Dark Materials.

There, that should be enough words now.

And this video should add a bit of size too.Watch on YouTube

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