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Infinity Ward stealth-added a new shotgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

Jak in.

Infinity Ward stealth-added a brand new gun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone this morning.

Head into your loadout and the shotgun category and you'll see the JAK-12 available to unlock. Infinity Ward's patch notes for this morning's update made no mention of this gun.

The JAK-12 is a fully automatic open bolt shotgun with a recoil reducing gas blowback system.

There are unlock criteria, too, but it's pretty easy: get three hipfire kills using shotguns in seven different matches.

Or you could buy the Lacedaemon bundle for 1100 COD Points to gain access straight away via a legendary blueprint.

The AA-12, called the JAK 12 in-game, is now available. Unlock it by getting 3 hipfire kills with a shotgun in 7 different matches from r/modernwarfare

It's early days for this weapon, of course, but players are already starting to work out how useful it is. I imagine it'll be chaos on Shipment! And yes, it has explosive rounds.