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Infinity Ward disables all vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone after players discover game-breaking glitch

UPDATE: Vehicles now restored.

UPDATE 8/9/20: Following a day of vehicle-free battle royale action, instigated after the discovery of a serious, game-breaking glitch, Infinity Ward has restored transportation to Call of Duty: Warzone. As announced in a developer tweet, vehicles have been reactivated as part of today's playlist update. No additional insight on the incident has been shared.

ORIGINAL STORY 7/9/20: Infinity Ward has disabled all vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone after players discovered a game-breaking glitch.

The glitch involves driving any vehicle to a specific point on the map, triggering the "return to combat area" on-screen warning you see when you go out of the play boundary.

Normally, when you go out of bounds in Warzone you get a countdown that gives you a chance to return to the battlefield. But for some reason, going out of bounds at this specific point on the map freezes the countdown. However, the player is able to continue to drive around the map - although they can't leave the vehicle or do pretty much anything else.

The incredible thing about this glitch is that after a while it ends the game - not just for the player doing the glitch, either - for the entire lobby.

The video below shows the glitch in action.

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Infinity Ward has acted quickly, issuing a playlist update late last night to all platforms that temporarily removes all vehicles from Warzone. That changes the battle royale pretty significantly, but given the severity of this glitch, it's clearly the right thing to do.

There's no word on when vehicles will return, so if you fancy roaming free of the worry of getting run over by a car, or chopped up by the blades of a helicopter, now's the time to play. Just be prepared for quite the trek across the map on-foot.

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