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Indie sci-fi horror Caffeine confirmed for Xbox One

That should perk it up.

Creepy indie Caffeine will launch for Xbox One as well as PC and PlayStation 4 as part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox program, developer Dylan Browne has confirmed.

The space-based survival horror was revealed last year via a stylish Unreal Engine 4 teaser.

Players take the role of a young boy left alone on an abandoned mining station. You must investigate what has happened to the crew - before what lurks in the shadows finds you.

The latest trailer, below, comes from the game's new GDC 2015 build, and again shows off some of Caffeine's eerie retro-futuristic surroundings.

But it's difficult to see what has changed from last year - we've still only seen a brief glimpse of the game so far.

Cover image for YouTube videoCaffeine ID@Xbox GDC Trailer