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Indie Royale release the Evolved Bundle

Features: Unmechanical, The Path, OIO, Krater, and Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory.

The latest Indie Royale anthology, the Evolved Bundle, has just been released and it's got some pretty great stuff for laughably cheap.

The Path features no game mechanics besides walking and observing, not unlike Dear Esther.

First off there's the sci-fi platformer Unmechanical by Talawa Games, which former EG contributor John Walker raved about at Rock, Paper, Shotgun where he called it, "a near-perfect morsel of puzzling brilliance."

Next up is Bientôt l'été developer Tale of Tales' controversial gothic reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood, The Path. "It's totally no fun," said another former EG scribe Kieron Gillen, before he cautiously recommended it with a 7/10 noting, "It sticks with you and provokes thought." The Evolved Bundle also includes its haunting soundtrack.

Also included is the real-time squad based dungeon crawler Krater by Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 developer Fatshark, as well as platformers Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory by Turtle Cream and Uncanny Games' OIO, which's peculiar title is cleverly a symbol resembling the wood-carving protagonist's face.

The Evolved Bundle currently costs a minimum of $5.46, but it will raise in price as more people purchase it. However, paying over the minimum lowers the price for everyone else, so there are some cases where it actually goes down (though the general trajectory is up, so it's usually best not to wait). The bundle will be around for seven and a half more days.

See all the Evolved Bundle's games in action in the trailer below or purchase the collection here.

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