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Humble Games showcase to air next week

A Signalis of what's to come.

Publisher Humble Games, which released last year's Signalis and our 2021 game of the year Unpacking, has announced a showcase set for next week.

Upcoming games Humble is set to publish include the highly-anticipated musical RPG Stray Gods and the adorable-looking adventure game Mineko's Night Market.

While details of the showcase have not been revealed, its announcement perhaps contains some hints as to what we can expect.

Stray Gods release date trailer.Watch on YouTube

"Arm yourselves and fortify your defenses, for the horrors that reside within the mists have begun their approach... The remnants of humanity - of civilisation itself - are in your hands. Join us in lifting the fog of war on May 18!" reads the tweet, which is accompanied by an image with two shadows.

Stray Gods and Mineko's Night Market both have their release dates pencilled in for later this year, so fans will be hoping to see those make an appearance. Other upcoming games from the publisher include Bushiden, a futuristic Metroidvania with a release window of this year, and Monaco 2, Protodroid Delta and Totemic, which are yet to be dated.

The showcase starts at 6pm UK time (1pm EST) on 18th May. What are you hoping to see at the Humble Games showcase?

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