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Hotshot Racing gets a release date

And it's soon.

Hotshot Racing finally has a release date and it's only a few short days away, with the 90s-styled arcade racer from Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital hitting PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 10th.

It marks the end of almost a decade long journey for what was once known as Racing Apex, with the title changing as arcade racing experts Sumo Digital came onboard to help out. It's a fairly expansive thing, with multiplayer for four players in local splitscreen or for eight players online, and with a suite of game modes - oh, and it's 60fps on all platforms (though I'm not sure if that's across all modes).

Cover image for YouTube videoHotshot Racing | Release Date Trailer | Curve Digital

We'll have a review up for you a couple of days before Hotshot Racing comes out early next month.