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Heroes V gets new expansion

Tribes of the East revealed.

Ubisoft has unveiled a final and standalone expansion pack for Heroes of Might & Magic V, which will bring a dramatic conclusion to the saga this autumn.

Tribes of the East will introduce the fierce and proud Orc race into the fantasy equation, who will bring with them their Battle Rage ability, plus a whole new bundle of troops, buildings, and heroes.

Their new campaign will revolve around the usurper Biara's reign, which will see our green-skinned friends take up arms to demolish the demonic threat, featuring cameos from earlier characters to add spice and variety to the plot.

Alongside all this there will be heaps of new content, such as a new upgrade level for every creature in the Heroes V universe, which will increase the total number of creatures to over 170. There's also 10 new multiplayer and five single-player maps, as well as a new combo-based Artifact Power Link feature.

Heroes of Might & Magic V is a fantasy war game that puts you at the helm of a faction, be it Elves or Humans, Demons or Undead. Your goal is to explore your side's capabilities by collecting different resources and expanding your tech-tree, eventually increasing your military might. Then you can use your hero characters to lead your armies into enemy territory, facing off in chess-style turn-based battles, which will either destroy you, or earn you experience to develop your hero's level and abilities.

The original game was a refreshing but familiar strategy experience, which was followed by the somewhat lacklustre expansion pack Hammers of Fate.

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