Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East

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Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East

When they bring you out retirement for just one more job, you don't expect it to be the same job they retired you from. The last time I wrote for Eurogamer, I wrote about HOMMV, praising the new developers Nival Interactive for recreating almost exactly all the hallmarks of the franchise and recognising what the hardcore wanted. Since then Nival have released an expansion pack called the Anvil Chorus or the Hammered Fete or something, which your friend and mine the award-winning Kieron Gillen reviewed last December. (Bloody hell, this history lesson is turning into hypertext overload.)

Anyway, going back to the game reminds exactly what I didn't like about it more than what I did. Which may turn this into something of a mea culpa, for which I apologise. First, I'd better point out that Tribes of the East isn't strictly speaking an expansion pack; it's one of those irritating packages that some clever bod in marketing thought up to diddle joe public out of a few more sponduliks. That is, it's an expansion pack that's comes with the full game. For free! How joyous for us all.

Of course, it's not really free, it's 20, and you can buy the original for about 9 from Amazon. Or the original and the other expansion for 12. Moreover, if you wanted to buy the game before, you would have already bought it; the paltry extra nobs and polish in this aren't going to sway you over to it. Finally, the people who are going to buy it, the frothing-at-the-mouth HOMM mob, already have the game. And the expansion. So they're shelling out yet again for the original game. It's a desperate repurposing of a rapidly-withered product, further confirming Ubisoft's position in this reviewer's eyes as the new EA.

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Dark Messiah 360 slips

But only a little.

Ubisoft has moved the release date for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements, moving it back a few weeks to 7th December.

Heroes V gets new expansion

Heroes V gets new expansion

Tribes of the East revealed.

Ubisoft has unveiled a final and standalone expansion pack for Heroes of Might & Magic V, which will bring a dramatic conclusion to the saga this autumn.

Tribes of the East will introduce the fierce and proud Orc race into the fantasy equation, who will bring with them their Battle Rage ability, plus a whole new bundle of troops, buildings, and heroes.

Their new campaign will revolve around the usurper Biara's reign, which will see our green-skinned friends take up arms to demolish the demonic threat, featuring cameos from earlier characters to add spice and variety to the plot.

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