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Heroes of Mana dated

September, says Squenix.

Square Enix has announced that Heroes of Mana will be heading to Europe on 14th September.

It's the first DS instalment in the World of Mana series, which began so nostalgically on the Super Nintendo all those years ago. Well, it wasn't nostaglic then, obviously. Stupid sentences.

Heroes is a strategic rethink of the familiar role-playing style, allowing you to order your troops around using your stylus on the touch-screen. And once you feel your tactics are up to scratch, you can battle a friend in wireless multiplayer or compete for position on the worldwide leaderboard.

Heroes of Mana has already been released in both Japan and the US, where it received solid scores and healthy cheers. Look out for our review as we get closer to launch.

Meanwhile you can pop over to our Heroes of Mana gallery for a look at how it's shaping up.