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Here's your first look at Cliff Bleszinski's new game

Kimonos! Cherry blossoms! Dragon statues! Unreal Engine 4!

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has debuted the first footage of his upcoming arena shooter codenamed Bluestreak.

Cover image for YouTube videoBoss Key's "Project BlueStreak" Pre-Alpha Teaser

Developed by Bleszinski's new studio Boss Key Productions, Bluestreak will be a free-to-play shooter published by Nexon America. Based on the early pre-alpha footage, it appears to have futuristic samurais and assault rifles.

As you may have noticed by its ending logo, Bluestreak is being developed with Unreal Engine 4. “We considered several options regarding what technology we'd use to build 'Project BlueStreak'. Ultimately, we found ourselves coming full circle to my friends at Epic Games and the elegant solution for rapid and quality game development that is Unreal Engine 4,” Bleszinski stated. “We look forward to making a top-tier product through this partnership.”

Bleszinski previously said that Bluestreak will have a fleshed out lore. "Weapons will have manufacturing corporations, players will have lore/history, and the world will feel there and lived in," he said in a Reddit AMA last summer. "We also want to make live-action shorts quarterly to help tell more about the universe outside of the game. If you're doing a sci-fi IP you need as much of the fiction to come through in other mediums (and with lore) so people care about Plasma Rifle 3 or Player X."