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Here's what creating a Commander in Elite Dangerous looks like

Beards confirmed.

Elite Dangerous will soon let you create a Commander - and developer Frontier has shown off how it will look.

In an hour-long live stream archived in the video below, Frontier revealed the Commander Creator, one of the features coming to the space game as part of the impending 2.3 update. Check it out from the 8 min 30 second mark.

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You can tweak your Commander's age, outfit, body and head. There's a decent amount of detail on offer, with the tool letting you tweak faces to an impressive degree. And, of course, beards confirmed.

Like the rest of the game, the Commander Creator is viewed from a first-person perspective. What you're seeing is a holographic representation of yourself, accessible from within your ship. It's pretty cool. You can change your Commander look at any point.

Supporting the Commander creator is a new camera system that lets players view themselves and their crew in real-time as they travel across the galaxy, so there's a reason to get stuck in. And of course there's Multicrew, the long-awaited new feature coming to Elite Dangerous with 2.3.

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