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Here's our first look at Wales Interactive's loved-up live action comedy


Following its announcement back in June, we've got a proper look at live action specialists Wales Interactive's latest joint - a romantic comedy starring Doctor Who's Mandip Gill among others that's now set to release on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One next month.

You might know Wales Interactive from its other live action games (in my day we called them FMV, but also everything was black and white back then) such as The Bunker and Late Shift. Five Dates takes that formula and takes it to some... interesting new places.

Cover image for YouTube videoFive Dates - An Interactive Rom-Com (Official Trailer)

The comedy part of its make-up isn't exactly clear from the trailer - though there is some twerking offered by way of light relief - but it's assembled a decent cast and its premise offers a fairly ingenious way to get around filming restrictions during the recent pandemic. How will it all stick together? Well, there's not too long to find out now.